New Jersey's largest women-centric hackathon.

Join us for a weekend dedicated to filling the gender gap, exploring technology, and building the next big thing! Our mission is to support and nurture women* in tech by hosting Rutgers' premiere hackathon addressing issues of the gender gap in technology. Expect a weekend full of workshops, mentorship, tech talks, social activities, food, and more! No experience necessary, you just need passion.

In its seventh iteration, over 500 students will come together for 24 hours to create with code and turn their ideas into reality. HackHERS is organized by Rutgers Women in Computer Science in collaboration with Douglass Residential College.

From hardware to mobile, there are so many fields to explore! We want women to explore their ideas and interests, and are looking forward to some amazing projects!

We're all about helping each other grow! We hope to foster a supportive environment so that each participant at HackHERS feels welcome and comfortable.

Right now, only 20% of hackathon participants are women. We hope to fill that gap by providing a comfortable environment that is focused on learning and exploring!

  • What is a women-centric hackathon?

    HackHERS is a hackathon geared towards women. We allow people of all genders to participate because closing the gender gap in technology is an issue that everyone needs to partake in. There are so many reasons why more women should be involved in tech, yet there are still barriers present to this day that contribute to underrepresentation. By organizing this event, we work to close this gender gap.
  • I identify as a male—does that mean I can attend then?

    Yes! It is very important to us that all genders work together and build awesome projects! However, please consider our mission statement before registering and know that by participating in our event, you pledge to follow our Code of Conduct.
  • I don’t have any coding experience, can I still participate?

    OF COURSE! A hackathon provides the perfect environment to learn how to code. As long as you have an open mind and are willing to learn, we guarantee you will get something out of it. We also tailor HackHERS to be beginner-friendly, so we will be providing workshops all throughout the day, and there will be volunteer and mentors ready to answer any questions you may have.
  • I don’t feel comfortable going in without some experience...

    We understand, and we got you! Every year, we host a series of workshops about a week before HackHERS called "Pre-HackHERS", in which we cover topics such as basic web development, how to use git and github, etc. We also provide professional development workshops as well. More details about Pre-HackHERS 2021 will be released on our Facebook page.
  • How do I apply?

    Applications will open in December 2020. Priority Registration deadline is January 31st. Mentor and volunteer apps will open in January 2021.
  • Does this cost money?

    Nope! Admission is free and covers overnight stay, food, all the snacks you could ever want, and of course, our sponsors and HackHERS will provide you with the free swag!!
  • Where will HackHERS take place?

    HackHERS will take place virtually this year due to Rutgers' policy.
  • Will there be hardware available?

    Yes! Hardware will be provided by MLH.
  • How do teams work?

    At most teams can have 4 people. You can have your teammates in mind before the event, or you can find a team during our team formation activity before and after opening ceremony!
  • Can I come if I am still in high school?

    Unfortunately, due to Rutgers policy, we cannot allow high schoolers to attend HackHERS :( However we will still encourage and support you to learn and build to your heart’s content on your own! You are more than welcome to email us and ask any questions about how to get started.
  • What should I bring?

    Remember to bring a valid student or goverment-issued ID for admission and anything you need to hack away! Because this is an overnight event, you may want to bring a sleeping bag, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a change of clothes. You should also bring a laptop, and if you have one, an extension cord.
  • Is there a code of conduct?

    Yes, we want to make HackHERS enjoyable for everyone! We follow MLH's Code of Conduct: here.
  • This looks like a cool event! Can my company get involved??

    Absolutely! If you want to sponsor us, please email sponsorship@hackhers.org.
  • Can I mentor or volunteer?

    Yes! We welcome all regardless of gender who want to help. We appreciate all who want to support our cause. Mentors help hackers during the event with any technical questions they might have. Volunteers support the organizing team during the hackathon with various tasks. Links for both apps are at the top of the page.
if we missed your question, hit us up at rutgers.hackhers@gmail.com
2022 Sponsors
Meet The Team
  • Rachael Chin

    Hackathon Executive Director
  • Samantha Lee

  • Deepika Onteru

  • Ramitha Ravishankar

    Finance Director
  • Manasvi Medam

    Sponsorship Director
  • Varna Chandar

    Sponsorship Director
  • Jarelle Boac

    Events Director
  • Nikita Sharma

    Events Director
  • Shambhavi Ramaswamy

    Experience Director
  • Kristina Kwan

    Experience Director
  • Kuhu Halder

    Marketing Director
  • Rachana Kotamraju

    Design Director